SuperAngel.Fund is an early stage fund that invests in Consumer, PropTech & Future of Work. The fund is led by Ben Zises who was the first investor and founding advisor to quip, Caraway & Arber, before each had its name (see full portfolio here).

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Prior to the fund (& through Aug '21), I've invested $6m into 60 companies. Today, these investments are worth an estimated $29m (5x return multiple, 106% IRR), with more upside ahead.

Recent data shows that half of all VC funds outperform the stock market, with fund managers who outperformed in the past more likely to outperform in the future (source). The top performers deliver 3-4x over a 5-10 year hold period (20-30% IRR), and as such, that is the benchmark I aim to exceed.

You can learn more about me from this interview, a recent podcast, videos and founder references. Feel free to email me or schedule a call if you have any other questions. Investor FAQs and sign up information at SuperAngel.Fund.