SuperAngel.Fund x Q3 2021 Recap

Dear Friends,

Q3 is a wrap!

SuperAngel.Fund made 16 investments with a median check size of $50k and post-money valuation of $14m.

Read the ‘Q3 2021 Recap’ here.

Among the exciting personal updates this quarter were that my first angel investment in oral care company quip, announced its $100m Series B financing led by Cowen Sustainable Investments. You can review my historical performance summary on page 4 of my updated deck here.

My fund now has more than 100 investors with an exciting pipeline for Q4. The top performers deliver 3-4x over a 5-10 year hold period (approx 20-30% IRR), and as such, that is the benchmark I aim to exceed.

Below are a few introductory slides from my deck. You can also visit SuperAngel.Fund to read investor FAQs and sign up to invest with me.

For any questions, feel free to email me or schedule a call to learn more.

Super Angel Definition: A group of serial investors in early stage ventures who are particularly sophisticated, insightful, or well connected in the startup business community. |  @SuperAngel | | SuperAngel.Fund