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After releasing my first promo video last year, I couldn't help myself from creating another. Click on the image below, turn up the volume, and enjoy 📽️!

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Note, the deadline to join the 'Q2 fund' closes on June 30. There are more than 100 investors participating with less than 20 spots remaining for accredited investors. Click here to learn more and subscribe.

About SuperAngel.Fund

  • SuperAngel.Fund is an early stage fund investing in Consumer, PropTech & Future of Work companies. The fund is led by Ben Zises who was the first investor and founding advisor to quipCaraway & Arber (before each had its name), among others.

  • The fund launched on Jan 1, 2021 with 75+ investors and manages over $4m in annualized commitments. You can read the fund deck here, listen to a podcast interview here and check out a recent article here.  

  • Prior to the fund, Ben invested $3.6m into 32 companies on behalf of more than 200 investors (including direct and syndicate-led investments). Today, these investments are worth an estimated $24m (6.6x return multiple, 118% IRR), with more upside ahead. 

  • Recent data shows that half of all VC funds outperform the stock market, with fund managers who outperformed in the past more likely to outperform in the future (source). The top performing venture funds deliver 3-4x over a 5-10 yr hold period (approx 20-30% IRR), and as such, that is the benchmark we hope to exceed.

  • The minimum investment in the fund is $10k/quarter (4-quarter commitment) and you can learn more or sign up at SuperAngel.Fund.

For any questions, feel free to email me or schedule a call to learn more.

Super Angel Definition: A group of serial investors in early stage ventures who are particularly sophisticated, insightful, or well connected in the startup business community. |  @SuperAngel | SuperAngel.Video | SuperAngel.Fund